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This looks like a really fun game... But why is the jump key Alt?

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Erm, its supposed to Z or J... I updated it using a more recent version of GB Studio and that may have changed the button config on me. I'll make the change back to Z and J when I can. Thanks for letting me know.

You can always download the .gbc ROM and play in a Game Boy emulator if you want to map the keys to anything you like.

Thanks for replying! I didn't know what a .gbc file is so I assumed my computer just couldn't run it.

Really fun game. I created an achievement set for it on RetroAchievements.

Oh rad!! Thank you for that. Im still working on it so it will see some updates in future.


This was really well done!

Although the main idea is simple, the twists and the levels are what makes it work.

It was a very enjoyable game and quite a weird one at some places, although i won't complain, the beans were pretty funny lol.

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cheers! Yeah, I think making a platformer with the current version of GB Studio  makes for rather simple core gameplay but i am trying to making it at least a little more exciting with my level designs. I'm still working on more content too ;)


I will be follwing the development then :D

Gawd dam this is good, honestly for me it's the best platforming experience since celeste

Oh wow! High praise. Thank you very much :)

Great game. I finally had the time to play it to the end & kuddos for the great work. It could have been released on the eshop for the 3ds. Thanks for making it free. Rated & enjoyed!!

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You're welcome!! Thanks for playing bud. Really glad to hear you enjoyed it.

The thumbnail convinced me to try this. Solid marketing lmao


Rad! Yeah, I need to make more games with stupid titles and weird looking protagonists.

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wow, such a fun speedy platformer :D I love all the unique game mechanics each area has and it plays so smooth and speedy :> Visuals and music are also really great! I think this is now one of my favourite Game Boy games! :)

I think I found two bugs though:

  1. in the FUNZ level, the coins I collect are always added to my last high score. So I get a new high score every time and I'm now at 127 points :P
  2. This is really minor, but you can't switch from level 14 to 16 in one go. To get from lvl 14 to 16 you need press right and then up. If you don't let go of the D-Pad in lvl 15 you will somehow move back to lvl 14 despite not even pressing left..

Since I just 100% this two times in a row I'd really like to speedrun this now xD oh, a built in speedrun mode would be a nice feature! :P


Hey. Thanks for the kind words. I'll take a look at what's going on with those bugs. Thanks for letting me know!

Speedrunning the game is fun once you have completed it. There is a link in the itch description to the page if you want to check out videos of both my time and the current world record by ReFlex. For now, your best option is using LiveSplit to time your runs. I will see if I can implement an in-game timer at some stage.

visual design looking awesome!


Hello, pretty good, played it all in a single sitting. I think I found a weird bug in the game. In the level 18, if you hit the restart button in the lab section of the level you get send back to the level 10.

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oh damn, thanks heaps for the bug report. I'll fix that up and put an update out at the end of the week.

This was such a fun game. Great work! 

Man, thanks so much for the video playthrough! Love to see it. Cheers for playing.


Very, very nice and clever!

Really fun game and I really enjoy the idea of small one screen levels. 

I'm also probably jut being stupid but I can't seem to run v2.2 since the only available file is a .gb file and that won't run the colour version

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Thanks! Is the game loading into a screen that tells you to play using a color device? It doesn't matter if it's a .gb or .gbc file, they are the same file for all practical purposes. It will run the color version regardless as long as your emulator is set to run in GBC mode.
The game checks whether it's running on a DMG or something else. If its DMG, it will take you to that screen I mentioned above since some mechanics require a color screen to function properly, otherwise it loads into the game normally. So it sounds like the emulator you are using maybe be set to run in DMG mode? I recommend using BGB and setting that to GBC mode.
I just uploaded a new .gbc file (I just added the "c" on the end so it isn't confusing to anyone in the future).
Thanks for reaching out and letting me know of your issue.

Oh yes, didn't know that was even an option. Now to hopelessly search for the can of beans in the science lab

Rad! That is the hardest one to find.

Awesome! ❤️

Thank you :)


Thanks so much for the recorded play through. Really helps me polish the experience. I saw you trying to "collect" the sign in level 3. Need to make a change to the color palette there for example... 

Love the game, the controls feel very precise and well done, the idea of having to speedrun every level was fun and trying to collect all the beans was also a great idea. After collecting all the beans, I was expecting my character to suddenly become jacked out of this world, but now I think I just have nightmares from the creepy red dude. 

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lol. Yeah, Bulk is a weirdo. Glad you enjoyed it and cheers for the kind words.

This is insanely good especially when considering it was made in a week for a gamejam. Really fun. Wasn't a fan of the required stars to get to new areas initially but I think having to learn to speedrun the stages was actually really fun. Would absolutely pay for an expanded version or sequel.

Thanks heaps! it's hard to know where to draw the line with the star count required to progress. I try to make it somewhat challenging but not over the top. Just enough to pressure you to work a bit harder than you normally would. I am seriously considering continuing development because it was a really fun game to make and I have a bunch more ideas. Thanks for playing!

Found a bug while going for 100% club today. Pressing restart on level 15 instead restarts you in level 12. Guessing a copy-pasted changed scene event didn't get edited. 

yep, that would be it. Thanks so much for letting me know.


Here is my little tribute to your great game...

Simple and fun! Great job!

Thanks so much. Really glad you had a nice time. :)

I love your demake of MOONLEAP. +1

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So cool. Reminds me of a picocad game for some reason, I think it’s the simple but expressive player sprite. The puzzles are nicely graded to get harder.

Awesome game really liked everything of it, would vote 5/5 for jam but am not a dev ;/ Is screen with bulk wanting beans the last one or i can find them beans somewhere?


Thanks, there is one can of beans to find per world. Head to level 1-5 to start ;)

its kinda like moonleap one mechanic but still

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Yes, I was inspired by the jump switching mechanic in that game and wanted to see if it was possible to code in GB Studio for the Game Boy. I wanted to push the speedrun style of gameplay using that mechanic for the game jam as I thought it would be fun to explore. This game adds more unique mechanics later on but the start if the game mirrors moonleap (which is such an amazing game in it's own right!)

mhm, This game is great too :D, though i get frustrated by how slidey tomato man is sometimes

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Do you mean he is "slidey" when jumping? He has almost instantaneous deceleration when on the ground so I don't really understand how he would be sliding around on platforms. I really want to make sure the player feels nice so I want to get to the bottom of this. Definitely don't want the player character feeling like he is sliding around.

You are the second person to mention this though so I will take a look at the acceleration/deceleration and make some tweaks for the next update. Push it even more away from slidey controls.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, I did mean while jumping

Thought so. I have since modified the GB Studio platformer engine to improve the controls in this regard and will release a new version very soon. Thanks again.

We can see your inspirations, but it's efficient and very well done! (small bug in the level 1-5, that I had to finish 2 times to validate it). The level design is excellent and the design too! very well done, until the screen indicating that we need a GBC when we launch it on DMG! However, even though I finished the 5 levels, I can't access the next one, did I miss something ?

I think you have to get stars by completing levels in the given amount of time

Thanks, I'm going to try this again!

Cheers, I'll have to check out that bug you mentioned. Uploading an updated version with bug fixes is locked until the voting period of the jam is finished but I will be spending some time bug fixing and polishing the difficulty in order to release a final version (that isnt rushed!) in a couple of weeks.

super I would follow this new version, a jam is also made to improve himself, and improve the game indeed :)

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I found the problem with that bug. The two coins on the right side of that level have the wrong variables attached to them. This also causes issues with trying to get all 17 stars.  Thanks for letting me know!
For anyone that happens to experience this bug, if you get the one in the top left corner last, then that solves the issue. I'll fix this in the coming update.

Great, I will gladly try this again! And glad I could help you identify this bug :)

Thanks for joining the jam and making such a good game in only 7 days!
I love the mechanics. The music is great and the graphics as well!

Thank you, bud! I spent so much time on it the past week. The last two days of the jam I did 12 hours work on it each day to get it finished. So I'm really happy you think highly of it. :)

Wow! Everything about this is amazing! The graphics, the animation, the audio! Very well put together! Game doesn't play like a rushed submission for a jam. 

Not sure if it was an intended game mechanic but I found the controls a little slippery like the platforms are made of ice.

Still, great overall experience!

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Thanks! I'm surprised you found the controls slippery. The deceleration is almost instantaneous with the player characters movements when he is on the ground.

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Hey all, the game jam finished 30 minutes ago and I just found a bug that set LEVEL 16's star time to 28 seconds instead of the intended 26 seconds (wrong number in a variable - sigh).

For those that want to 100% before the itch page unlocks after the jams voting period is over and I can upload a bug fix, here is a speed strat to beat LEVEL 16 with 28 seconds to spare. This will circumvent this bug for the time being.


omg thank you for that

I wondered about that. I was just about to file a bug report for this level when I looked and saw that you'd already found it. I'd assumed the label was wrong, so I kept beating on it trying to get it down to 28. I took a different approach of straight up off the middle, down to the right and bounce (not jump) back to the middle - it just *barely* made it in 28. (if I jumped off the right one, I'd just miss the 28 target). But I like your loopback better.

Looks awesome, will try it out.

Shouldn't A be mapped to X and B be mapped to Z though? So it matches the real Game Boy?

Cheers! The buttons are mapped to suit typical keyboard play, although some people's typical is different to others, of course. I just mapped it to that because that's what feels right to me. But it's neither here nor there since the 'B' button doesn't do anything during game play anyway.

Thanks for getting back to me :)

It's your game after all, do what feels right :) 

I was just mentioning it incase it was an error.  I like to match the buttons on a real GB as that's how I play all these games so anything else feels wrong to me!

Keep up the great work, thanks for all the entertainment!

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Thanks! Yes, that game is the main inspiration for sure. I wanted to take the jump switching mechanic idea and push it through the speedrun lens more than that of puzzles as seen in Moonleap. This game starts to deviate from Moonleap mechanics wise later on but yep, Moonleap is a fantastic puzzle platformer in its own right.

For those that want to check out Moonleap: