CAPPIMON is an RPG/Platformer hybrid for the Game Boy Color. Inspired by but antithetical to the Pokemon series, this is a very short proof of concept demo for the game.

I plan on developing it for a full release in the future. With a fully realized RPG battle system, this will be my most ambitious project yet. My goal is to create something wholly new in the world of RPGs for the Game Boy. The battles will consist of a traditional RPG fighting system, but will also feature Platformer boss-rush gameplay (think Pokemon meets Undertale but with platforming).

MoveD-padArrow Keys
Select Option/InteractAZ

Thanks for checking out my game, you can follow me on Instagram or Mastodon, or check out my website to stay up to date with my work.

I hope you are as excited for what the future holds for Cappimon as much as I am.
- Tom (Gumpy Function)

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AuthorGumpy Function
GenreRole Playing, Platformer
TagsGame Boy, Game Boy ROM, gbstudio


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cappimon_demo_v1.0.gbc 256 kB
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cappimon_demo_v1.1.pocket 256 kB

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Loved this! I hope to play the full version soon 

Made a video


This feels like those PETA Pokemon parodies. Except actually good.

Very good, it made me think, I wanted to play the full game

Really cool :P

I really like the concept! Are there any actual fights in this, or is it just the tutorial for now?


Cheers. Its just the tutorial for now. I will likely get a coder to help me set the battle system up properly before continuing. The final demo will have a lot more content including a few actual fights beyond the simple proof of concept tutorial fight. 

Interesting concept and very engaging gameplay. I can't wait to see the battle system fully fledged state with many different attack patterns.

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Love this piece of game! Special thanks for the .pocket file!

Beautiful artwork as always.
Interesting twist for this game, both the themes and the gameplay, I'm excited to see this expanded!

Particularly I wanted to note about when the grandpa says something along the lines of "It's been so many years since I've started, I only have these three now" - I thought that was a fantastic way to juxtapose this game to Pokémon. Normally you'd expect someone who's experienced to have quite the haul of 'mons, so the "only three left" really showcases well the darker themes and elements here.

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Thanks Eric. Very observant :) I plan to explore some pretty intense themes with it, yep.


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Does this game work on the DMG GB?

No, it won't run on DMG or the pocket. Only the GBC.

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Make a GB Stadium 2 for the GB/GBC!

Cappimon Gameplay

Truly the parody of all time.

Oh boy. I Love your work man. Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge 2 Was SO good. This one looks very ambitious aswell. Can't wait for it <3

Keep up the good work! 

Thanks so much. Glad to hear you're a fan!


Ooo, really enjoyed that battle system. Love when there's a bit more interactivity thrown in. Plus I got to punch an old dude while a dog watched. Noice.
Lookin' forward to any updates om future.


looks great!


Enjoyed the POC, great angle. Also hoping I get to meet Doggo again?


Cheers, I've got big things planned for doggo 😎