CUPID is a logic puzzle game made for the Game Boy Color.  

Something or someone has broken the Heart, a magical relic that stitches all things together. Without it, the universe will slowly unravel and everything will fall into darkness. Play as a cute little Cupid, tasked with mending the broken Heart. Do your best to spread love and happiness to all that you meet and prevent the darkness from taking hold!

MOVED-padArrow Keys

Game uses auto-save feature.

A Game by Gumpy Function | Mastodon | Instagram
Music by Tom Lockwood & Krumel.
Playtesting by Hamish Lockwood, Ben Jelter, Duncan Lockwood, Hannah Verhellen, Veund and Robert Smith.
Special thanks to Proximity Sound for assisting with coding the v1.1 updated controls and World 2 mechanics.

Made with GB Studio.


9th Dec 2021 - CUPID_demo_v1.1
- Updated controls. Cursor now snaps to button positions in each level instead of using 'Point and Click mode'.
2nd Feb 2022 - CUPID_demo_v2.0
- Updated GFX and Palettes
- Press SELECT to fast restart each puzzle
- A sneak peak at World 2 with new mechanics and 6 more puzzles!
- More Story implemented
- Pause Menu and Achievements Sub Menu implemented
- 6 optional Achievements in the Demo to unlock!
5th March 2022 - CUPID_demo_v2.1
- Fixed Bug where player can move in any direction without bonking robot on contact

StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
AuthorGumpy Function
Made withGB Studio
Tagsanaloguepocket, Cute, Game Boy, Game Boy ROM, gbstudio, Pixel Art, Romance
Average sessionAbout an hour


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loved it, fun and unique. I'd be lying if i said i wasn't raging lol. I felt like slapping my face every time the puzzle falls into place...

Your games are all so impressive, well thought out, funny and creative! Great work! 

Thank you so much! I'm thrilled you enjoy them so much.

Oh yes, I do! I copied all of them on my EZ Flash Junior and enjoy them on my GBC. :) I can't wait for "Unearthed" to get a physical release by the way. It's my favourite at the moment. :)

Oh rad! Ben and I will be a while with that. Likely early next year for release. but development is coming along nicely atm.

Great to hear! I'll definitively stay tuned. =)


I've been having a blast playing through this game! Excellent use of puzzles and great humor too! Loads of fun! 5 stars!!

(1 edit)

Thank you so much!I have been enjoying Dante's Detour btw. If you ever want feedback, contact me through discord ;)

Much appreciated! I am very happy to hear that :D Your articles and those of the whole GB Studio team have been extremely helpful. I am super grateful for all your hard work! Keep being awesome!


This is such a well-made game. Every single aspect of development seems to have had so much thought and consideration. The attention to detail is very impressive. And it’s funny as!

Can’t wait to see it progress!



Just Wow! No words, amassing job.

Thanks bud!!


Awesome game, I really loved all about it, mechanics, aesthetic, music, dialogues... keep up the good work!

I believe I've found a bug. In Kaiju City, you get some unexpected behaviour if you hold some directions while moving towards a movable robot. You can crash into robots and not move them. It may only work in some directions, moving down or right after crashing, I believe.

Thanks!! Is the robot pinned against a wall in these cases? If they are pinned they wont move. But I will investigate this. Do you recall what puzzle this occurred in?

Nope, they were free to move. I've done in it several puzzles, I think it  can be done in any puzzle. I remember doing it in level 16. Let me know if can't reproduce it and I'll try to explain it better or something.

I have reproduced the bug, I think. If I press a direction toward the robot and then hold a different direction as I'm moving towards it, the bonk wont occur and the player instead stops in front of the robot, then moves the direction being held without the bonk happening. Is this what you are referring to?


Great! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I'll see what I can do to remove the bug.

Hi, is it possible to download previous versions of the demo? I can only download v2, but i'd like to see how the others were.

Sure, I'll put up the old versions so you can see the progress if you want.


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Uploaded the previous files for you :)

great, thank you!

WOW do you plan to go back and compare older versions to the latest???!?


Really top noch quality, graphics and storywise works really well.

All around a fantastic project so far!

Thanks, bud!


i finally got to play it and I love it so much! The graphics are 10/10 and the humor, characters, and story are excellent. My favorite thing is how you framed the tutorial as the dogs asking for help with their toys. It gives a perfect reason for you to explain how the mechanics work without breaking the 4th wall


Thanks Max! (I will be releasing a significant and final update to this demo in the coming weeks too)


looks promising. The graphics are excellent