-Analogue Pocket Version Available Now!-

Turn your Game Boy into Adventure Time's lovable walking handheld console with Virtual BMO!

I made this for my daughter and thought I would share. Just place the downloadable Game Boy rom  onto a writable Game Boy cartridge and you're away.

- Press the D-pad, A and B buttons to change BMO's expression. 
- Tap A to blink.
- Press SELECT to make BMO talk! *
- Press START to go to Desktop
- While in Desktop go to FILE>Football.exe to boot Football and use extra facial expressions.

I'll be adding to this so expect future updates ;)

Made with GB Studio.

*BMO can't talk on the .pocket version just yet due to GB Studio v3 migration issues. I will fix this when possible.

Disclaimer: This is a free fan made game not intended for sale. All trademarked characters belong to their respective owners.

Keyboard Controls:

Start == Enter

Select == Shift

A == Z

B == X

D-pad == Arrow Keys

27th October 2021
- Added Desktop feature.
- Added Football.exe (Extra Facial Expressions).

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsanaloguepocket, bmo, gbstudio, pocket


BMOv1.0.gb 128 kB
BMOv2.0.gb 128 kB
BMOv2.0.pocket 128 kB

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This is awesome. I didn’t expect the whole computer thing



maybe it doesn't work for some reason, but when i click in the folder icon i cant click the options, it only lets close the folder

Yep, it's not a bug or anything. While it looks like an open folder, it is actually just a dialogue box. So all you can do there is close it on A press.

oh i see, lovely tho, i would like to see more games from you in the future

Thanks! I'm currently mid development on Unearthed and Cupid, both of which you can play (the jam version and demo respectively) from my profile page :)

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omg thats really cute my son would love this

Thank you! Yes, I made this for my kids. They love it.

Please Tell Me How To play The BMO Adventure Character is My Fav Please Tell Me How To Play:(

(Please Tell Me)

please can you do pc version this gonna be cool if there pc version

because i only have pc and mobile i dont have game boy

Well, you can play in browser on the PC or mobile. Or you can download the .gb file and play it using a Game Boy Emulator on your PC or Device.

Yay Thanks You For Reply:) Well When I Play The Game Is Very Good! And Fun!

Aww cute BMO

Shift key doesn't work for some reason

BMO can't talk/the shift key won't do anything on the pocket version as noted in the description. Or, if you aren't playing in browser and using an emulator, you will need to check how the emulator's input is mapped to the keyboard.

this is so cute!

what are the keybind :L

I have added the keyboard controls in the description.

I was playing this on my ez flash omega on my gba sp and i take out the cartridge for no reason and it looks CREEPY but i find it cool

¿final version?

I don't think so. I am a bit busy with other game development projects at the moment but I will still add to this over time. 


I love it!!!


Thanks so much :)

good job


I haven't watched adventure time in years but this is pretty well made, nice work

Thanks very much :)

nice BMO ;-;

Very cuuuteeee!

<3 BMO