FEED IT SOULS is a metroidvania for the Game Boy Color and a submission to GBCompo23. Download the .gbc ROM or .pocket file to play on real hardware or an emulator of your choice (the ROM is intended to be played using a color device and will NOT run on the original DMG or Pocket Game Boy). Alternatively, you can play in browser.

You are the offspring of IT, a bio-technological monstrosity after only one thing - delicious souls! Seek out and retrieve souls to feed your master. His power is your power, and every soul retrieved will enhance your mobility as you explore your surroundings.

Normal Mode - The baseline game. A decent challenge that will test your precision platforming skills.

Hard Mode - Butt clenching precision platforming. More enemies, enemies and bosses are faster, some area layouts are redesigned to increase platforming challenge.

Bonus Mode - ?

Collect a total of 25 lost eggs located throughout the map. Every 5 eggs collected will unlock a variant color palette to enjoy during play.

Find all 25 eggs and complete the game to unlock a BONUS MODE!

Put your speed running skills to the test and screenshot your best times below!


A Game by Gumpy Function | Website | Mastodon | Instagram

SFX by Blezz Beats | Website

Music by Beatscribe | Twitter

Updated 11 days ago
Published 19 days ago
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorGumpy Function
Made withGB Studio
Tagsanalogue-pocket, Game Boy, Game Boy ROM, gbstudio, Horror, Metroidvania, Speedrun
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


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Very impressive game. Really funny game.

Thanks for sharing your video!

Wow, this is really amazing, good job! I'd definitely get it if it were released in physical format!

Thank you! If I do a physical, ill probs make it a larger experience. ;)

this can't run on a DMG GB, right? only GBC?
looks great!

Thats right, just GBC. I tried getting it to run on the DMG but the frame rate was tanking way too much, especially during the boss fights.

Deleted 5 days ago
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I going to have to delete this for its spoilers. If you want, you can rephrase your criticism of aspects of the games story with the spoilers omitted. Thanks.

Had to go for a Normal Bonus Speedrun, one death was intentional for time saving, the second death was not. My first sub 10 none the less!

Hell yeah! Great time! Yep, there is one spot where taking a death is definitely the right way to go. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks! Still working on the Hard Bonus Speedrun, I think I can get it below 15 minutes but just recently got a 18:05. I think sub 10 is possible but would require lucky RNG at the bosses for the “attackable” attacks

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Thats impressive! From memory, I forced the attackable attack after 4 of the other attacks. But it can blow out the time if your unlucky for sure.

I have been trying to see if I can chain shot the first boss while they are against the wall in the bonus mode. I think its possible but its pretty damn hard to do.

Thats good to know! Do you also happen to know if the dialogue counts towards the timer at the end?

I just attempted what you said and I can’t seem to get a second chain shot jump off, even when jumping to the side. Thinking maybe it’s not resetting the jump shot on this boss? I feel like you could hit all 4 shots assuming it threw a projectile after running to you once? Assuming the chain shot is indeed working as intended

I actually just finished a deathless Normal Bonus as well, new PB. Obviously can be quicker with the death skip but had to complete it for the sake of it haha

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All dialogue boxes and cutscenes will stop the in game timer. Pausing will also stop the IGT too. I would say the IGT isn't very reliable because it only ticks ups on the second. So any time you fade to black the timer will not count the remainder of that last second and will reset when the new scene initializes. If anyone is going to upload to speedrun.com, maybe RTA is the way to go?
I just had a look at the first bosses code and you're right, its not resetting the jump shot on hit. I'll have to release another update to fix that bug so it all works as intended in Bonus mode. It won't have any effect on the base game though so I won't worry about the update for a week or so (just so I don't keep flooding peoples feeds with updates every other day haha). But I do want to make sure the game is polished enough to work as intended for speedrunning so I'll definitely fix that up. Thanks for double checking!

I like the cute-horror vibe, and I can always appreciate a good eye-and-mouth wall.

The opening sequence / cutscene establishes the narrative and gameplay themes well and doesn't meander.

Playing on CGB (original LCD) I found it a bit difficult to see the action with the default colour palette in all but perfect lighting conditions. The first unlocked palette was a welcome improvement.

Impressive work.


Thanks for the feedback. I tend to assume people play on modded hardware these days but since its the default palette, Ill take a look at increasing its contrast to improve the readability on an unmodded GBC. Next update will take care of that. 

Thanks again!

With the GB screen being so small, I think it was ingenious to add that 3rd dimension for the final boss fight. It felt very natural and the telegraphing for the upcoming attack worked nicely. I also immediately liked the rock textures and the mob death animations were oddly satisfying. The plot twist was also great. It's what players crave. As deviantol pointed out, the "run" key feels like it wants to be held down for the entirety of the game which leads to finger fatigue.

Thanks! Yep, I'm currently implementing an options menu for v1.2 (among other things) that will include an auto-run option you can toggle on and off. Glad you enjoyed it.

Did enjoy it indeed! Now that I think of it, you could also consider making the new option "push B to walk" (inverted) so the button isn't entirely defunct.

Totally, it shall be done!

Also, in the upper area with the chsing eye, you better not return there later, go up to the collectible and try to check out if you can jump to a screen to the left.
cause apparently there is stuff there.
camera doesnt follow you there but no holding right and running and jumping brought the character back on the screen to the right.

Ha, I better fix that for the next update. Thanks for letting me know.

Finally beat the easy mode with 25 eggs!
Musk Rat for the win! <3

Just beat hard mode, adly with only 24/25 eggs.
However this time, I placed a save state ahead of time, so if I'm bored enough, I may go back and explore everything to find that missing last egg. Currently dont feel like it though.

soooo good! Love the sound design and overall visual style. Super funny dialogue and really fun unique level design. Loved it!

Thank you!

Just beat the hard mode! Honestly really fun challenging game!

One piece of feedback: the time gap between the final boss’ attacks are great except for after the diagonal fireballs, the other attacks start before the fireball animation ends. Not usually an issue but sometimes the follow up attack lands on the same side of the arena as you and is from what I can tell unavoidable, unless hugging the side wall of the platform (played on PC for reference)

Really great game otherwise, loads of fun and satisfying to beat, plus I like the way you did the bonus round, makes it a good speedrun!

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Totally agree with the final boss fight on Hard mode there. Ill be tweaking that kind of thing now that I am getting a decent amount of feedback post jam. Appreciate your feedback and so glad to hear you enjoyed it!

I like it! Beat the game in about 20 min. I think the punishment for failure is a little high in some places. A one hit KO is pretty punishing, especially when you need to restart from a checkpoint really far away. I think this could have benefited from a life system, beginning of room checkpoint system, or both. Another note, you need to hold down the run button to wall jump up the same side of a wall which is not well explained. Also, the run button is only beneficial, leading to it being held down the entire time while playing. I think removing the run button and setting the player base speed to the run speed would be better (less finger fatigue). Overall, nice game! I think I will try hard mode soon.

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Thanks for your feedback. I'll add an optional "speedrun" toggle that enables auto run for those that want it. Sometimes people want the slower speed to make it easier for them to platform. Thanks for playing!

Beaten in 22:40! Just an incredible GB Studio game, maybe the best 2 bit graphics I've ever seen and very solid gameplay. The metacommentary was actually funny too.

Thanks! So glad to hear you enjoyed it so much.

Very nice game.

Just beat it in 60:00 (!), 136 deaths and all eggs.

Good job!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks! 60 mins is the max time displayed. I can look into an update later that provides an hour counter so it's more accurate.


I beat the game AND got all of the eggs! I'm only on normal mode, though, but it was still a challenge.


Nice job! Enjoy the bonus mode. Its a bit easier than normal IMO ;)

Oh well, got like 23 eggs, went left to looj at the final boss.
and likely cant return anymore.
so no perfect score for me :-/
Also boss is hard, making and beating his final form at least is

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Nah, you can return to the main area and keep looking for lost eggs after you head left to the final boss section of the game. Just head back or kill yourself to spawn back at the checkpoint in the main area.  As long as you don't reach the final checkpoint right before the actual Boss fight, you can keep looking. But it's a great first effort. It's not typical to find them all on a first playthrough, it's an optional challenge to give a little replay value.

The game has an inbuilt timer and shows your time at the end, so you can always replay for a 100% speedrun ;)

Or try hard mode. That is some pretty intense platforming!

"As long as you don't reach the final checkpoint right before the actual Boss fight"

Well, about that... :-(


Managed to accidentally reset the game on controller when in the pause menu. I'm not retreading this ground.

Decent work otherwise.

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That's too bad, you can save in the map screen (Once you get your first soul).


also having to hold the run key down all the time is a pain , surely there is a better way to speed up movement ? ie dash ?

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that eye thing seems pretty impossible to get past as the wall jump doesnt work sometimes and its too fast to dodge  so im giving up , shame as the rest of the game is top notch , well done

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Just gotta keep practicing to get more proficient with how the PC handles, no doubt that mini boss is a difficulty spike, though. Ill take a deeper look into how the controls feel and work code wise post jam when I have more time. Cheers for your feedback!

v1.1 should address the issue you were having. The wall jump was working fine, but sometimes the wall kick wasn't executing - which may have felt like you were getting short changed. Anyway, the wall kick bug is fixed now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


Hey so I decided to try your game out by running it on my 3ds and it's working really nicely so far.


Nice one. I was using my own 3DS to test it out, actually. GameYob is surprisingly a really solid emulator. Enjoy!


I think I'm about half way through by now, it's really awesome. I love the vibes and the graphics are so perfect. It's been fun collecting the eggs so I can get new pallettes. W


Looks amazing dude. Super Cool.


I learned about all the neat things that the internet has to offer, then I destroyed them. 😈

The game is hard, but is very fun! The music is amazing and makes me feel like a hand-man with nothing to lose.