FEED IT SOULS is a metroidvania for the Game Boy Color. It was made in 6 weeks for GBCompo23. Download the .gbc ROM or .pocket file to play on real hardware or an emulator of your choice (the ROM is intended to be played using a color device and will NOT run on the original DMG or Pocket Game Boy). Alternatively, you can play in browser.

You are the offspring of IT, a bio-technological monstrosity after only one thing - delicious souls! Seek out and retrieve souls to feed your master. His power is your power, and every soul retrieved will enhance your mobility as you explore your surroundings.

Normal Mode - The baseline game. A decent challenge that will test your precision platforming skills.

Hard Mode - Butt clenching precision platforming. More enemies, enemies and bosses are faster, some area layouts are redesigned to increase platforming challenge.

Bonus Mode - ?

Collect a total of 25 lost eggs located throughout the map. Every 5 eggs collected will unlock a variant color palette to enjoy during play.

Find all 25 eggs and complete the game to unlock a BONUS MODE!

Put your speed running skills to the test and screenshot your best times below! Or submit your PB to speedrun.com


A Game by Gumpy Function | Website | Mastodon | Instagram

SFX by Blezz Beats | Website

Music by Beatscribe | Twitter

Updated 9 days ago
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(72 total ratings)
AuthorGumpy Function
Made withGB Studio
Tagsanalogue-pocket, Game Boy, Game Boy ROM, gbstudio, Horror, Metroidvania, Speedrun
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


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I have found a glitch that is quite game breaking, especially from a speed running perspective. It allows you to double jump early and i have been able to replicate it multiple times. entering  and quitting time trials will allow you to double jump, letting you skip a huge chunk of the game (including the first rising acid section) and letting you grab the second soul early

i will get some footage of it now.

Thanks heaps for the bug report. I'll take a look at this and release an update with some bug fixes soon.

maybe it should be kept in for speed running purposes, but if you want to fix it it's fine. anyway, here's the footage. sorry about the cusor

and as for the rising acid skip

Its actually super useful for speed running so keeping it in could possibly be beneficial

amazing game! I am usually not a big fan of metroidvania games but this is extremely good and really blew me away!

I loved Metroidvania games, so I knew I was going to like this game.

But it surpassed all expectations. A must play for anyone that likes the genre!


Thank you so much :)

This game has it all. Actually, all of it. The gameplay, the art, the music and SFX, even a great story and worldbuilding!

Gumpy and co., this is genuinely one of the best games I've played. Extra applause for the art!!!

The suffering was worth it:


Thank you!

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Is there a way to download the mobile version of it?

The browser version is the GBC ROM packaged in an emulator. You can download a Game Boy Color emulator for your phone and run the downloadable ROM through that, though 馃憤

Stumbled across this absolute gem and I'm in love. Perfectly challenging platformer with a great story and pace. The music and design is perfectly crafted and I was hooked for 2 hours grinding through the game. I'm new to the concept of devs making their own game boy games but this feels so true to the handheld console. I crave nothing more than to play this on my game boy!


Thank you! So glad to hear you enjoyed it 馃

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Great game. But I played it on my PC and want to play it on my laptop without the itch.io desktop app. In the files ((feed-it-souls/rom/) there is a file titled game.gb and when I open it, it looks for an app to open on the pc. How do I play the game through the files?

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Hey there, cheers! You can download the Game Boy Color ROM. I recommend downloading an emulator such as BGB.

10/10 really really good game

W game


HELL YEAH that victory screen was beautiful. So worth it.

Glitched into the ground at first ladder. :(

is the antagonist elon musk lol? Great game still looking for the last egg before I finsh

Nice Metroidvania mechanics. the dark athmosphere is insane and man, the jokes. I love it


Why couldnt i jump from the very beggining of the game


....oh, I was kinda hoping for that last scene to last a bit longer but oh well the game was very fun.


did you just turn the republican party into a game's antagonist? A very fitting role


Very cool game!! I like the vibe and the dark feeling it gives, and also the jokes.

I don't know what to say about the feeling when this file opened on my old GBC ahahah it's been very fun and frustrating like the old days


Thank you for keeping the Game Boy community alive! Gonna play it on my Pocket, so I'm especially happy for the .pocket file :) Well done!

Pressing B on the Pause menu causes the game to restart, even if Continue is selected. Is that intentional?

It caused me to lose my progress 馃槦

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Its not intentional, no. It's likely defaulting to select the quit game option on B press. Its supposed to only allow an A button press. I'll look into it. Sorry about that.


Amazing Game but I wish a "Souls-like" tag would have been added so that I knew what I was getting into. I get that "Metroidvania" usually covers that but both boss fights truly felt more intricate than that. The boss attack patterns were great and the story was even better. 

man this game so good. love it. keep it more like this.

Hey! This game is so awesome! I write a blog about indie games and would love to interview you guys!

Hey there, you can contact me through my website www.gumpyfunction.com and we can go from there. Cheers!

sweet sounds good!

Hey matey. Great game!

I just got a problem that i can't jump while running to the left. Which is annoying for the ending. I just want to know if it was intentional or not cause it really slowed down my progress XD

Also :

Glad my gamer instincts made me find an easter egg :D

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Thanks for reporting the bug. Can you explain the can't jump while running left a bit more, please?
First time I am hearing about this problem. 

 Where in the game is this happening? Is it happening across multiple rooms or just a single room? Do you remember where you were and what you did when the behaviour started occurring for the first time or was it occurring from the very beginning of the game?  (this will be the most useful answer if it is a bug). Are you playing the game using a keyboard? Have you double checked its not a hardware issue like your keyboard or a controller for some odd reason? 

Well done finding the easter egg. Had you completed the game prior to finding the bug? Cheers.

Unfortunately I'm positive I can't finish the game due to the bug so no I haven't finished the game yet 馃槶

So. I'm playing on keyboard. And the key to running is x. However, when I'm pressing X and left, jumping does not work. When I'm running to the right I have no problem jumping while running!

It's happening everywhere in the game, no matter the room. Some rooms are just more problematic due to the bug.

As soon as I gained the ability to jump, the bug started. I just took some time to notice since the early game is mostly left to right.

I haven't checked if it's a problem with my keyboard. That's one of the reasons I commented the bug actually. I wanted to know if it was just a me thing. But the problem is so specific I thought it wasn't a hardware problem. Like. I can jump to the left. I can run to the left. I can run and jump to the right. I just can't run and jump to the left.

That is bizarre. Its the first time Ive heard of this and I cant reproduce it myself. Try restarting the game using the ROM and a GBC emulator and see if it happens again. No one else has mentioned this bug so I'm not quite sure what to make of it. I'll keep investigating.

Well I restarted my computer and hence my game data and the bug is still a thing. I am unsure as to how to use an emulator sorry 馃槶

But I mean. If the bug only causes ME problems, it ain't that bad. I just can't finish the game XD I'll still try my best but I've been stuck and hour on the double bubble jump to fight Mum. Not being able to run and jump to the left makes it hard lmao 馃ぃ

I'm 90% sure it's your keyboard, not the game itself. Try on different one or on pad. 

Very impressive!

I like the references to Metroid Fusion especially :D

Is there any possible way you could release a playdate edition of this game?

Hey there. No, this is a Game Boy game. A port to the playdate would require remaking the game from scratch and converting all the art to 1-bit. I'd prefer to use my time to make new games, sorry.


I really like the dancing fish easter egg


Ha, you are the first to mention that. Maybe the first to find it.


Cool game. I liked the way you introduced the new abilties and the palettes made for a good reward. Nice touch of humour too!

Jump doesn't make me jump it just kind of shakes the screen and makes an error sound. is there a quick fix or am I goofed?


All part of the plan. Just keep playing through and you will gain more abilities.

Gotchya, thank you for clarifying!

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High quality as always! Nicely done


Thank you, bud. Great lets play!

I quite like it.  It reminds me of Metroid 2 with the sense of humor of the Binding of Isaac guy.  I really wish I didn't have to hold down run for the entire game.  May it's different on a controller, but on the keyboard, my index finger is cramped.  (and I have seen no reason to walk once you get run, so why not just increase our speed?)

But yeah, great game reminds me of the sorts of treats you'd get in the Kongregate days.

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Thanks! There is the option to invert the walk/run in the options menu (you can access it before you start in the main menu or through the map screen during play). That way you can always be running with a hold B to walk configuration.


I was gonna comment about how fun and unique this game is and I'll still stand by that but also I was absolutely blindsided in the best way possible by those logs before the boss-

Thank you. Im glad to hear you enjoyed that moment.

Did someone make an entire game to hate on Musk?

that was a fun adventure


Really enjoyable, maybe I'll try time trial mode one day.

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Thank you so much. I have had so many nice things said about the game (and a few bad things lol) that I am thinking I will continue working on it. I have more to say about the that which IT represents and some more ideas have recently come to me. Maybe a kickstarter is in order.

That sounds awesome. I was wondering, has anyone given feedback on the screen freeze that happens when you double-jump? I think the screen freeze on double jump can make it feel a little too choppy, especially when combined with the screen freeze on hitting an enemy. Have you experimented with adjusting the timing?

No one has mentioned that yet. Thanks for the feedback.


I like the screen freeze on double jump. It makes it a lot easier to see if hit landed and didn't break the flow for me :)


great art <3


Amazing! Wonder what it would've look like on ps1.

This is so good


finished it on hard albeit very poorly

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